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A love letter to plants

It started as curiosity and turned into a full blow love affair.

Feeling disconnected from the natural world and my environment, I began to take a closer look at the plant world around me and ask questions: "What plant is that? What does it do? Can I eat it? Can I make medicine from it? Can I care for my skin with it?"

This curiosity led to many nature walks, books, conversations and workshops. These in turn led to a 12 month personal project called Phytocurious12 and then the next natural step of pursuing formal studies in herbalism.

All along the way, while I was learning and falling deeper in love, I was also making bodycare products. I developed and refined my recipes with particular care for the quality of the ingredients used, always giving the starring role to plants - chosen for their beneficial properties.

More than just a line of beauty products, Phytocurious is a passion project, a love letter to the magical world of plants, that I wish to share with you.

Phytocurious - A love letter
Why Phytocurious?

Why Phytocurious?


Phytocurious products are made with natural organic ingredients chosen for their gentle and healing attributes.

Small Batch & Artisinal

The process of making thousands of something is not the same as making ten. Phytocurious products are intentionally made in small batches to allow consistent care and quality. This is a human process not a factory one.


Made here in Carouge, when you buy from Phytocurious, you cast a vote for a local product made by a local artisan.

Made with Love

Phytocurious comes from the heart. I make these products because I love the plants, I love the ingredients, and I love transforming them into bodycare products and sharing them with you.

Respect for the Environment

Love for plants and love for the environment go hand in hand. Phytocurious is all about minimal packaging and using solid, high quality containers that can be reused or returned for recycling. One less piece of trash in the landfill and our oceans.


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